De-Icing Your Windshield - Tips to Avoid Damage

De-Icing Your Windshield - Tips to Avoid Damage

In the midst of winter, frost and ice on your windshield is inevitable. Before you de-ice, make sure you’re not risking potential damage to your windscreen glass.

We get it. Your windshield is caked with a layer of ice and you’ve got places to go. Your first instinct might be to get the ice off as quickly as possible, but there are certain methods that could lead to extensive damage of your auto glass.

Scratching frost or ice off your windshield with sharp objects like a credit card, CD or even a floor mat may result in scratches in the glass that could lead to further damage down the road. Taking a different tact by dousing your windshield with boiling water is equally, if not more, dangerous in that it quickly raises the temperature of your glass, which could lead to shattering.

Lastly, clearing just a small area on your windshield may save time, but you risk visibility issues and the prospect of careless driving citations if you’re caught by police. Accidents that occur while your windshield is still partially obstructed by frost or ice may invalidate your insurance coverage as well.

So, we know what NOT to do. What’s the best way to clear your windshield of ice and frost in the winter?

We highly recommend ice-scrappers that are designed for frost and ice removal from your windshield. These tools are designed to avoid leaving scratches on your windshield. Additionally, windshield de-icers, often sold as sprays, are safe solutions for de-icing your windshield and they often work in seconds without severely changing the temperature of your windshield, a circumstance that often leads to glass shattering.

The above tools help ensure safe de-icing of your windshield during the winter.

If you park your car outside during the winter, consider a windshield snow and ice cover to avoid frost and ice issues all together. You’ll also want to ensure that your vehicle is topped off with a good windshield washer fluid that has de-icing additive.

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